Janitorial Supplies.

Manufacturer of hose, hose assemblies & various other hose products

Supplier of Carpet, upholstery, floor and restoration equipment

Canadian manufacturer of cleaning chemicals, carpet, floor and respiration equipment

Manufacturer of industrial and commercial squeegees as well as paving and roofing hand tools.

Manufacturer of carpet wands, upholstery tools, valves and other accessories for carpet and upholstery cleaning industry

Pressure Hoses – Advance German Technology


Manufacturer of carpet cleaning wands, tools and accessories.

Cleaning and Disinfectant Solutions

Offering a variety of botanical cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

Providing a full line of Jan/San, specialty carpet, and industrial process chemicals to meet any need.

Powerful, Inexpensive and Environmental Friendly Cleaners and Solvent Alternative Products

Manufacturer of odor control and facility care solutions specifically formulated for the needs of commercial cleaners, pet clean-up, and consumer homes

Environmentally safe, quality green products

Carpet cleaning products

Developer of chemical products


Carpet Cleaning Solutions.

Manufacturer of concrete, masonry and floor care products.

Manufacturer of liquid products